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"Today I decided I no longer wanted to die."

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How I respond when someone complains about my attitude…






A touching photograph of a sick young girl, being cared for by her family shortly before she died, has won the top portrait prize in Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival competition. Sydney photographer Joe Wigdahl took the image of Kirrilee Edwards, in November 2012, the same month Kirrilee died. Aged 12, she suffered a seizure which left her with irreversible brain damage and she required 24 hour care by her mother, Jo and father, Troy.
Photo credit: Joe Wigdahl
"My thoughts sometimes scare me
they make me feel alone
because my thoughts
clouded by tens of thousands of other functions more important than my thoughts.
my lungs still work
although I pollute them,
but my mind struggles,
my mind is undermined
by my body
with no window to my soul"
thinking with Tolle (via cosmicwording)

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"Sometimes I think I smoke cigarettes to punish myself,
to tell myself
that there are worse things
in the world
other than the boy
who broke your heart
in high school"
"Reality becomes fragmented" (via cosmicwording)

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