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"You are the tail
of a firework.
After the bursts
and the colors
and the sounds,
there’s you.
After everything,
it will always
be you.
(and that is what scares me)"

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I’m in Italy I’m not ignoring my blog I promiSE

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"There is a house on a hill
surrounded by fog
the woman is dead
but the chatter lives on.
An empty shelter
encompassed in mystery
so many speak of
but question it’s history.
When the lights go down
and the children cannot play
the house seems different
than I did in the day.
The fog recedes
and the darkness grows,
many will ask questions
but only /she/ really knows"
Colle Flonia // Italy (via cosmicwording)

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"I was a Wednesday night, and for the first time in awhile I thought of you, and I didn’t smile, nor did I cry, I just asked myself why. Why you sincerely believe that I am capable of pretending you don’t exist, when at one point I loved you more than I loved myself; even though when it was your turn to love me, you kept me on a shelf, next to every dream you’d ever had that faded faster than a tacky, trending fad. I thought of how you hated when I cried, but I hated when you lied, and you did that more often than not. They say not to leave stones unturned, but I was a stone and I was untouched; so tell me why it is so hard to get your traces off of me. Tell me how I’d feel you in my hair, and how you said you loved when I sang at night, but you were a candle that wouldn’t spark, and I really needed a nightlight."
traces. (via cosmicwording)

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David Lynch, Oh My Thoughts They Are So Mixed Up And Funny (2013)


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