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Larissa Hofmann at Fausto Puglisi Spring 2015 Backstage

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, (1974)

My dear, you have the Grim by gioiadeantoniis on Flickr.



Each year we think we are over it, but each year we see something cringeworthy. In a post-Coachella, mid fashion week, pre-Halloween world of embarrassing mishaps, we have answered the call by putting on our 17 tween dream voice, and writing a fun style quiz for everyone with carefree appropriating friends out there, or anyone who just wants to rep it right!
"Appropriation v. Appreciation: An Illustrated Style Guide" is part of our September issue with interruptmag and features amazing drawings by none other than mobaby. As always, we appreciate feedback so tell us what you think!
-> Full Style Guide!
-> Letter from the Editors

we always romanticize the ones we have lost forgetting to cherish the present. I don’t want to be sad anymore

Hematite crystal with Calcite